Aurora — A Bright Future

In addition to Cher and the Kardashian clan, Hollywood has a host of Armenian notables such as Joe Manganiello (True Blood), whose great grandmother was shot after witnessing the murder of her husband and seven children (according to the actor’s Instagram feed), actress Adrienne Barbeau (Maude), burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, The Chipmunk’s creator Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. and Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., who now runs the franchise, costume designer Patricia Fields (Sex and the City), criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos, playwright Willian Saroyan and more.

The Armenians are a warm people, greeting each other with a kiss and holding hands. Armenian…

(Burlesque style)

Notorious Stripteaser Rose La Rose (right) and Val Valentine

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Harold Minsky gave to me . . .

12 strippers stripping
11 flashers flashing
10 tappers tapping
9 groins a-grinding
8 butts a-bumping
7 seamstresses sewing
6 police a’raiding
5 shows a night
4 comics muggin’
3 G.I.’s jerkin’
2 tassels twirling

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Stories Matter is a program of professional female writers nurturing and supporting the next generation of storytellers through mentorship. A program geared towards under-served young women ages 18–28 in Santa Barbara.

Stories Matter aims to become a national event with small mentorship events supporting untold storytellers through poetry, songwriting and the written word.

Stories Matter is in co-sponsorship with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (“SBIFF”) will host the inaugural event January 2021, online for 6 women who want to explore biography and memoir.

Some of these completed works…

One of a kind

Today the United States Postal Service has never seemed so important and yet so fragile. Attacked even. To one woman, the mail was her life and she would defend it with a pistol and a rifle if she had to. She was the first African American (and only second woman) to become a mail courier. Technically, a “star route mail carrier” which was a person who delivered mail from a direct route to one person or household.

Later there would develop a scandal involving the star routes (having nothing to do with Mary Fields) when it was discovered postal officials…

Cub Reporeter

She was blessed (and cursed) with the title of “The world’s greatest girl reporter” even if the moniker was meant to marginalize her by characterizing her achievements as that of a “girl’s,” this, when she was well into her 40s. Noted film critic, Pauline Kael wrote “just as all movies about lady fliers were based on Amelia Earhart … movies about girl reporters were also based on the most highly publicized girl reporter — Hearst’s Adela Rogers St. Johns.” And she was extraordinary.

I have been watching the new “Perry Mason” series and loving the sets and clothes and feel…

“It’s not about you, or me, but it’s about what we can give to this world.” — Olivia Juliette Hooker.

She was born February 12, 1915. An Aquarian. Aquarians tend to be shy and quiet. They are humanitarians, emotional, temperamental, progressive. They hate injustice. (I know, I am an Aquarian)

Pretty little Olivia Hooker lived with her mother Anita, Father Samuel and four siblings in the Greenwood District of Tulsa. Her father owned a clothing store, her sister played Bach on the piano.

It was an old story told over and over again, year after year in America. A false…

“Left alone with big fat fanny She was such a naughty nanny Heap big woman you made a bad boy out of me” — Brian May

The sticky, sweet smell of cotton candy combined with the stench coming from the animals, and mixed with the iron taste of diesel fuel. It was an odor particular to the carnival that she would never forget.

The word carnival has two meanings. First, according to Webster:

A period of public revelry each year that takes place before Lent; and second, A traveling amusement show.

Circus folks, whom I have interviewed extensively, are quick…

She was born Sarah Lou Harris in Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1926. Her father was a house painter and a cotton mill worker. I could not find out what her mother did, if anything besides raise Sara (her name was originally spelled Sarah, but she eventually dropped the “h”), her two sisters and a brother. Sara was an ambitious, beautiful, smart girl who wanted to do good, for herself and as she said, “to help my own people.”

In Greensboro, North Caroline she studied at Bennett College and earned a B.A. Even though her grades were stellar, classmates predicted she…

Before there were Gibson Girls -Before there were Sinatra’s Bobby Soxers -Before there were Swifties (Taylor’s fans) and Little Monsters (Gaga’s fans) and Beyhives (Beyoncé’s fans) there were Gerry Flappers, those ardent, expressive young women who followed their idol, Soprano Geraldine Farrar’s every golden utterance. These girls and women were loyal, showing up by the hundreds for her concert and performances screaming, yelling, crying, holding up banners and showering her with hundreds of bouquets.

Pauli Murray

I was shocked to learn about Anna Pauline Murray. I was researching something else in the midst of Black Lives Matter and the current protests, trying to not only educate myself better but to find out what can I do. As an author and historian, I can — and will — shine the light on more African Americans stories in my writing. Women in particular.

Anna Pauline Murray was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910. When her mother Agnes died in 1914 of a cerebral hemorrhage she was sent to live with relatives. When she was twelve her father, William…

Leslie Zemeckis

Author (Feuding Fan Dancers), Historian (Behind the Burly Q), Actor (Polar Express) & Doc. Director (BOUND BY FLESH -Netflix). (IG/FB @lesliezemeckis)

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