Aurora — A Bright Future

In addition to Cher and the Kardashian clan, Hollywood has a host of Armenian notables such as Joe Manganiello (True Blood), whose great grandmother was shot after witnessing the murder of her husband and seven children (according to the actor’s Instagram feed), actress Adrienne Barbeau (Maude), burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, The Chipmunk’s creator Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. and Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., who now runs the franchise, costume designer Patricia Fields (Sex and the City), criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos, playwright Willian Saroyan and more.

The Armenians are a warm people, greeting each other with a kiss and holding hands. Armenian…

Leslie Zemeckis

Author (Feuding Fan Dancers), Historian (Behind the Burly Q), Actor (Polar Express) & Doc. Director (BOUND BY FLESH -Netflix). (IG/FB @lesliezemeckis)

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